About Us

Since 2009, we have been building Electric Vehicles and Parts for Racing and Commercial applications, winning numerous titles in the World EV Race such as TTXGP,  Isle of Man TT Zero and SAE Formula Hybrid Races in US.

Started as a proprietorship company in 2012 named Kalbhorz Electric to build parts for Racing and Solar Industry later founded Bhorzvan Motors as a new Startup focusing only on Motors and Controls. It was the time to scrap off-the-shelf parts and provide a better solution to Automotive OEM’s and Start-ups to have an easy transition to Electric Vehicles. We since then have spent numerous hours struggling to break from the traditional ways of building Motors and Controllers and stepping away from the technology that was too old for quick, robust and efficient adaptation of EV’s. We were able to achieve a ground breaking power density of 12.5kW/kg in our early simulations and hence was the birth of Bhorzvan Motors Pvt Ltd. The biggest hurdle was to develop a modular controller that can work with any Brushless DC or AC motor in the world either Sensorless or Sensored, so we developed a unique feature to AutoTune the motor, and get ready in few minutes.

We recently also started with Neural networks and Artificial Intelligence that will give our products a leading edge when it comes to reliability, efficiency and performance compared to others in the market. With this unique bond we look forward to electrify every application that needs precision and robust drive systems.